Thursday, 1 October 2009

Day 4 | Musashino

Day 4 of the project, which began with students frantically finishing their 26 letters for a review.
The final part of the project was briefed and students looked exhausted at the prospect of designing a poster to promote their new typeface by tomorrow afternoon. Yoshiro and i spent the morning reviewing their work on an 1-2 ratio. While the rest of the students began designing their posters. There was certainly an air of pressure and stress within the studio. I got the impression they are not used to this style of quick turn around projects. I was slightly surprised as they are year 3 students.

The afternoon Yoshiro took me to the poster collection. Which is an archive of international posters from approx 80 years until now. They were housed in a dark room in plastic sleeves, locked away. This is a missed opportunity to view them and shout about such an amazing collection.

The hour came. My open lecture to MAU at 4.30pm. A good turn out and a successful talk (even if the delay of interpretation was odd). Several questions from the audience showed more where awake than thought. Glad to have got that out of the way. Now on the home straight. Final project day tomorrow and then the final lecture on Saturday pm.

No exciting evening meal to report, just a bowl of pasta and sauce which was a great change from fish!


  1. Well done! You are doing a great job and sounds as if you're putting the students through their paces. Never thought I'd hear you say you wanted a change from fish! Roll on the last day of teaching...kx

  2. Have you eaten a bath house yet ?

  3. unfortunately have not eaten one or diped into one. But have eaten the fried veg panacke thing with soup/noodles.

  4. Jack thanks for text all well here. Glad the lecture went ok and that the teaching is going strong.