Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Day 3| Musashino Art Uni

Finally a proper nights sleep, no waking at 2am. At last i also had a mini lay in, which i so needed and a morning to myself. I went off to Ginza the expensive 'designer' area to meet an alumni at the Ginza graphic gallery. However i never got there...certainly got lost in Tokyo for almost two hours. I was told the 'young' people of this area would speak English and help with directions. Well when i manged to speak with a 'young' person they said right but pointed left, another said left and pointed right. As you can imagine i went in circles until my time ran out and i had to travel to Musashino (which is an hour and half away) for an afternoons teaching.

The afternoon session was more productive as students were busy progressing their alphabet designs. I do not think they have such short projects here and it felt as if they were relishing the challenge. 70% of the year group (and course) are girls and with no female tutors i think i have brought something new to them. I asked Prof Yoshiro why so many girls and not boys...'it's because the girls are much brighter than boys'. To attend this university you have to do an exam, part written and maths and the other drawing and colour tasks. Boys do not do well with the written and maths parts by all accounts. They have approx 1,500 applicants for 120 places!

So tomorrow i have a full days teaching followed by an early evening lecture which is open to all students and staff at the! They have even printed posters of the union jack to promote it.


  1. Great to hear the students are enjoying the project, that must be a good feeling. Hope you don't have bad dreams of getting lost in translation...Do you have anything appropriately 'British' to wear for your lecture? Pork pie hat? Union Jack underwear?

  2. You're not going to want to come back to the UK after this, you're being treated like a celeb. Just don't get lost on your little adventures around the city ;o))

    Fi & D

  3. The adventure must be so refreshing to be in a new country with new ideas and to push the boundaries.
    Continue to enjoy Miss